Namaste! Beautiful People.

Hello, World! 🙂

Welcome to my blog space!

so yes! here’s the BIG news that finally I’m starting my own blog and I am really really excited plus nervous about it(quite obvious. Duh! ) because this is my very first step into the blogger world.

I won’t call it just a  fashion blog as I don’t wanna limit myself to that, it could be about anything or everything.

Okay so now I should stop blabbering and introduce myself!

Hi, my name is Mahi. 21 years old.Presently living in the Capital.

Cancerian, a typical one, dreamer, loves to travel, loves Bollywood, FASHION lover, immensely creative (at least this is what I believe), Umm I guess this pretty much sums up!

Okay, so my first blog is going to be a fashion category and will be up by next week!

And guys I really need your support and loads of love.(fingers crossed)


see you all next week! until then XOXO ❤

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