Hi girlies 🙋🏻 How’re Y’all doing? I hope and pray that everything is wonderful!💕 I wanna tell you a thing that if you’re reading this let me remind you how beautiful you are, how fun and cool, strong and so deserving and e’thing good! And most importantly I love you my internet besties❤️ So I recently visited Mumbai with my sister, actually, she has some … Continue reading MUMBAI TRAVEL LOOKBOOK

Weekend getaway to Rishikesh!!

Hey loves♥️ How are you all doing? I hope, wonderful 🌼 So if you follow me on snapchat(mahi_bakshi) or any other social media, you must be knowing that we recently visited Rishikesh just to chilax for some time, oh and by “we”, I mean me, my sister and some of our friends! And it was such an amazing experience to be there! Camping, Rafting and … Continue reading Weekend getaway to Rishikesh!!