Weekend getaway to Rishikesh!!

Hey loves♥️

How are you all doing? I hope, wonderful 🌼

So if you follow me on snapchat(mahi_bakshi) or any other social media, you must be knowing that we recently visited Rishikesh just to chilax for some time, oh and by “we”, I mean me, my sister and some of our friends! And it was such an amazing experience to be there!

Camping, Rafting and just exploring, so much fun.

And hey this is my first travel blog, it might get little longer, ummm, so bear with me, cause I wanna tell it all to you guys🙆🏻♥️

Let’s come to the blog now🌼

Okay, so we reached Rishikesh by 4 or 5 on Friday morning and rented rooms in some guest house for a little nap, we checked out from there after taking some rest, hired a cab for Rishikesh Darshan and went directly to grab a meal at Chotiwala near Ram jhoola, which is quite famous there. It’s good if you like Indian food,(must try Aalu puri) ❤️

Places to see and things to do in Rishikesh!

We all have heard of Ram jhoola and Lakshman jhoola for sure, so first place we saw was Ram jhoola while we were going to Chotiwala!

After enjoying this view and taking some pictures (obviously 😛) we were off to Asthapath popularly known as Marine Drive, and believe me it was way too beautiful ♥️

Beauty right?🌊

We sat there with our feet dipped in water and just relaxed there and enjoyed this beauty 🌈

While leaving this place I met this cutie, just look at him🙆🏻😍( I’m a dog lover, in case you don’t know)

After we left this beautiful place , we went to look for camps. There are two types of camping that you can choose from, one are jungle camps and other are beach camps, we went for beach camping, it’s basically camping near Ganges. We didn’t do that much sightseeing as we wanted to spend more time in camps ⛺️

And that’s how my day ended!

Bonfire, chit chats, dancing and all fun♥️

Just look at it! This is what I saw when I woke up the next day and oh, I just sat there just to admire the view.

Now, after having our breakfast, we had to leave this beauty and yes, it was time for RAFTING!! 

It was my, infact our first time, so we were a little scared but man, it was so much fun and an amazing experience 😍

We did rafting for 12 Kilometres from shivpuri to Rishikesh, one can also try cliff jumping there, I was scared to do it so I didn’t give it a try.

After you reach Rishikesh, the ending point of rafting, you see this 😍🙆🏻

Such beachy vibes♥️

After having so much fun while rafting and enjoying this view we went to grab a bite at a famous cafe Ganga Beach cafe near Lakshaman jhoola, 

Such a pretty and nice and bohemian feels it had! 

The food is okayish, shakes are great in taste!

Lakshman Jhoola


The view you get from the cafe!

Amazing right?♥️

Okay after having our meal, we went to see Neelkanth Temple which is nearby Rishikesh and is quite famous.

The view ♥️

So that’s all about this trip, I hope you liked this travel story♥️

Do tell me in the comment section how did you find this blog, I would love to know 🌼

Adding more pictures that I clicked there🌈

I really hope you like all these pictures and my first ever travel blog♥️

Till next time Xoxo ♥️

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6 thoughts on “Weekend getaway to Rishikesh!!

  1. Maahi Di you nailed it… You and your blog is a way too awesome ❤ great fan of yours and every thing you post… All d best for all the upcoming beautiful travel experiences ahead… All d best 💕

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