Jaipur Travel Story!!!

Hey Guys!! 🌷

How y’all are doing?

So as the title suggests this blog is all about my Jaipur Travel Experience.

Actually my friend was planning to visit to some of her relatives place in Jaipur and she asked me if I’m interested in going and hey I was there! 💃

We reached there on Friday night around 11 in the night. 🚂

The next day, that was Saturday we planned to do some sightseeing and shopping obviously. 🙆🏻

And if you’re visiting Jaipur for the first time plus if you’re equally obsessed with all the vintage and heritage places like me then you must check out these places but first let me show you what I wore on my first day in Jaipur! 🦋

Okay so the first place we saw was Jantar Mantar!

The Jantar Mantar monument in Jaipur, Rajasthan is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments. It features the world’s largest stone sundial, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2Jodhpur Holidays 2

Vintage Feels ♥️

Second place we visited was city palace which is right in front of Jantar Mantar!


And Ahhh! This place was so pretty plus there was some preparation going on for some wedding and  it looked prettier with all the floral decoration that were being done.


When you enter the palace you are asked to wear these colorful turban and dupatta so that you can get some pictures clicked.

Louveedd it!

Such Pretty and Vintage feels you have there!




There is this little Bhairav temple also inside the palace which really looked beautiful to me.



This was all about the City Palace and last place for the day we saw was Amber Palace, I was most excited for this one! 😍

should I become a photographer? lol

We also went to see Jal Mahal, which is in the middle of the water but due to some reason there was no entry allowed in there, you can see it far from the road only and after that went to local markets of jaipur to shop for some proper rajasthani and local stuff. If you want me to do a haul do tell me in the comment section on my Instagram.

That’s all about the  first day in Jaipur, the second day we had to go for lunch at my friend’s relatives’ place, so we didn’t get much time for sightseeing and yes let me show what I wore the second day!


After having lunch there and Of course tea in the evening we were headed to Chokhi Dhani for dinnerChokhi Dhani is a popular and remarkable attraction of Jaipur. It is an ethnic village resort offering you all type of entertainment options including dance, music, food and accommodations in royal styles. You can stay here for a day or more and get familiarized with the vibrant culture of Rajasthan.

This is what you see when you enter from the main entrance!

This wall though! 🔥
How they welcome you! ❤️
This is their welcoming drink called Jaljeera 🍹
Henna! 💕

We did camel riding and enjoyed puppet shows there. There are a number of places for hanging out in Chokhi Dhani including craft bazaar- Haat bazaar, photo studio, museum (Ajyabghar), temple (Mandir Devra), Rajasthani village culture and Mehndi. You can also buy some amazing handmade stuff which in a way depicts the real culture and tradition of the state. I am not adding pictures of the market place because I feel it will get a little boring!

Food Finally! 😍
Twinkle 👭❤️

Okay so this was all about my Jaipur trip!

I hope you guys like the blog and enjoy the pictures, If you do  please like this blog and do tell me in the comments here or on my social media. ♥️

Loads of love,

Mahi ♥️

Instagram: the.wanderlust.soul





Till next time XoXo


2 thoughts on “Jaipur Travel Story!!!

  1. Lovely pictures Mahi! In short visit, you have covered some beautiful places in Jaipur, but there are many you have missed this time. I hope you will check nahagarh, jaigarh and hawamahal in your next visit.

    Liked by 1 person

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