Let’s DIY!

Hey Guysss!! ❤

Hope y’all are doing great, So I’m here with my new blog plus I really hope that this one’s really gonna be helpful for you guys.

Let’s come to the blog now, like we all know there’s a trend going on of these cute patches and badges so i though of doing a DIY blog on that. Personally, I just love this trend. ❤

Okay so we all have that one sober shirt or jacket to which we can add some funk, I chose this denim shirt that i previously bought from Myntra.

That’s how it turned out to be ❤




I added these 6-7 patches to this denim shirt and I just loved the outcome, hope you also like it.

Okay so there are 3 ways through which you can DIY such shirt.


You can get some cute patches from any embroidery store or you can find them at H&M store, the one I’ve used are from the Spreadlove Store ❤


So these are the things you’ll need for the first way-


A denim shirt you want to add patches to, some cute patches and an iron and voila! Just iron it off and its done! 😀

The next two ways are about how you make it yourself ( it’s too easy, believe me)


I made this star patch by embroidering it on a piece of denim cloth. I used denim cloth because it’s thick, you can use any fabric you want to, okay so for this these are the things that you’ll need-

Embroidery frames, embroidery thread and needle, some thick fabric to make a patch on, acrylic colors, paint brush and a marker to draw a shape or to write a text or something.

First I drew a shape that I needed, I made a star here with a silver marker, then I did embroidery on its outline and this is how it looked.


After step 2, Fill the star by doing embroidery in any pattern you want and when you’re done, just make a white border by using white fabric\ acrylic color and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.

Step 3

So this is how it looks when it’s done and I stitched it on my shirt.




So this is the easiest way to make a patch, Just take some fabric and write or draw what you want to with some marker, Paint it with fabric color and when it’s dried, cut it off leaving some border around it.

Things that you’ll need for this-



Some Fabric, Paint Brush, Acrylic Color and Scissors to cut it off.


write your fav quote or any word you like, start writing it with the paint you like. I used white here.


When you’re done with the paint, let it dry and then just cut the patch off.


This is how it looked after stitching plus I added these buttons which turned out to be so cute.

Patches : Spreadlove Store

Shoes and Socks: H&M 

Shirt: Myntra

Skirt: Janpath 😛

Choker: DIY (fun fact: its a bra strap :D)

So that’s  all about this blog cuties, I Hope you guys love the blog.

Till next time,



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