New Found Love- Frayed Pants!

Hi Guysss!!!! ❤️❤️

Long Long time huh? How have you been? I hope wonderful!🎉

I am writing after exact 2 months and it feels so good. ❤️🙈

Okay so if you follow me on Snapchat(mahi_bakshi) you would know why wasn’t I writing, It’s because I had my exams and after that there was some self doubt issues and blah n blah n blah! Anyway now I feel good and I have a few blogs lined up which are mostly DIYs but today this one is of a fashion category, Its basically about two looks that I created using the same frayed pants from Forever 21 which is literally all over the internet and my new found love.

I am obsessed with these pants plus lets talk about the quality of its fabric, it actually hugs my skin, I think if you’re planning to buy one, you should definitely buy it from Forever 21.

Enough of talking now, let’s check out the looks that I created,


the western kind!


For the first look, I styled these pants with this strappy crop top and Oversized denim jacket which are again from Forever 21 and this oversized jacket is again something I’m really obsessed with like I can live my life in this. HAHA!😬


In jewellery, I kept it quite basic and just added this handmade choker which is absolutely gorgeous, I know the detailing is not properly visible, but its very pretty, I got this one from Janpath Market for just 150 bucks which is really a good buy!🙌🏻

facetune-30I recently chopped my hair so I thought two ponytails will look cute with this look and on my short hair as well, so for the hairdo I went with this one.

For the footwear, I wore these nude heels, which you must have seen me wearing before also, these are from Stelatoes in Lajpat Nagar.


So yeah that’s all about the first look! ❤️


for the love of ethnic!


For the second look, I styled these pants with a white kurti , One of my friends’ mom gifted this to me because she thought it’d look cute on me which is so cute of her, and look at this, isn’t it so pretty?😍


I paired these huge silver earrings and nosepin and handcuff, because I wanted to give a silver touch to the outfit, plus I personally prefer silver over gold anyday. The nosepin is from @fashionpoliceindia and earrings are from @spread_l0v3. You can find these stores on Instagram.


For the footwear, I wore these wedges, which are I bought I guess 3 years back from Myntra. OML look at all these frays ❤️


That’s all about the second look guys!

I hope you like this blog, and do tell me which one was your favorite in the comment section below.

And if you like this, Please follow me here and show some love on my social media, adding the links below, it will mean the world to me. ❤️

untill next time,


*Snapchat: mahi_bakshi





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