Makeup for beginners!


IMG_0506Hey Guys!!!❤️
How y’all are doing?
I hope, amazing!
As the title suggests this blog is going to be about make up and for all my pretties ❤️
But before starting the blog, I wanna thank each one of you who read my blogs, it may be just 4-5 minutes for you but it means a lot to me. Also, I wanted to share with you guys that I started my YouTube channel 3 weeks back and I’m loving it and Thankyou for if you’re subscribed there or have watched my videos.
I love you guys a lot! ❤️

Okay so back to the topic,
I am not at all a pro at makeup but I love doing it and I’m getting better at it than I initially was, so I’m pretty happy about it😬
I’ll share all the products that I use and I love for doing my makeup plus they’re in the budget as well. I really hope you find it helpful.
And Guys, Nykaa is having Independence Day sale so I thought it’ll be a good time to post such a blog! ❤️

Let’s start with the blog,

First I moisturise my face with this baby cream.

For the base, I use Colorbar perfect match primer, I usually use this Pond’s BB+ cream it’s good for medium coverage and when I feel like it’s a full coverage kinda day which is very rare then I use this foundation from Maybelline dream satin skin.
And for under eye or other dark areas I use this concealer from Maybelline, it’s from their Fit me range.

For compact powder, I’m currently using this one from Nykaa in the shade Rose Beige and trust me it’s the best!
Also, I love this brush, it’s basically a blending brush and it does its job perfectly! It’s Colorbar crazy blending kabuki brush.

For my eyeliner I use this Maybelline Gel Liner, it comes with this brush and makes it really easy to apply eyeliner, this is a great buy if you really can’t deal with liquid eyeliner!
This eyelash curler, I bought this from Nykaa as well, I don’t remember it’s brand and Currently using this Mascara Maybelline the Falsies Volume express, I’m in love it plus Mascara is my favourite Cosmetic of all the time. What’s yours by the way? I’d love to know 😃

For the blush, I use this Maybelline Colorshow blush in the shade Corel fresh🌺

And now let me Introduce you all to my most loved product in the whole blog, This palette, Yes this Maybelline New York the nudes eyeshadow palette, it’s really a must have because literally I do my brows with this and it turns out amazing, obviously use it as an eye shadow palette and also I use this as my highlighter, it really blends well.
Also if you don’t like those clear looking eyeliners you can do it that as well using this palette. It literally has my heart. ❤️
So guys product of the day or life goes to this! 🎈🎊👏🏻

For my lipsticks, I don’t like them too bright, so I own some nudes and light shades only.
Starting from left to right, these are the colours I love!
Maybelline Lipgradation range red01, Revlon Ultra Hd Matte in shade Seduction and Obsession, Maybelline Lipgradation range Mauve01, Revlon ColorBurat Matte Balm in the shade unapologetic and Elusive.

So guys, that’s it for this blog and I hope you find this helpful. Also always clean your face with some wipes or cleaning milk, never sleep with makeup as it harms your skin.
Adding some of my pictures below without any filter with all the makeup on, that I do using these products.


till next time,

xoxo ❤

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